Research and developement

Our philosophy

Milagro Veritas promotes research and development in Italy and abroad
Besides our quest for quality and sustainability criteria, we have the goal to encourage young people who want to specialize in the fields of oenology and viticulture. For this matter, we promote internships and we support laudable students of low-income so that they may specialize in our sector. Milagro Veritas believes firmly that it is fundamental to invest in the future generations and that a world of educated people is a world with higher possibilities of development. We support young people from all over the world to study courses and subjects in line with our production and our ethical philosophy: equal opportunity, solidarity and reciprocity.


Milagro Veritas offers internship opportunities in Italy and abroad
In Italy the concerned sectors are oenology and viticulture. Abroad, depending on the country, we offer internships in oenology marketing and wine tasting.


Milagro Veritas promotes the education of young students who share a passion for oenology, viticulture and wine-making. We sponsor courses and research programs on these fields and we award research prices.

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